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Memories of a Family Memories of a Family Graduation and wedding weekend 1975 Cindy graduated College Sandy graduated High school Rick graduated grade school Cindy got married the day after graduation. 182603874 Dee & Sandy We've been close since we were born. 182603875 Siblings My younger brothers Andrew Darwell, Eric Darwell and I. 182603876 Medical school graduation. My grandmother's sisters Jen and Fran at my husbands medical school graduation in 1983 182603877 Mom & Dad at my sister's wedding 1975 182603878 Christmas Dad & Cindy at Christmas dinner 182603879 4 & 1/2 kids Summer 1976 182603880 Aunt Lill Patsy, the fattest dog I'd ever seen. 182603881 Meagan My little angel 182603882 Uncle George 182603883 Dad "No he really doesn't like that dog does he?" 182603884 Graduation 1983 my graduation from Medical Assisting school. I was in labor so my speech went to the salutadictorian. 182603885 Daddy with Meagan Daddy was trying to study so he was trying to put Meagan to sleep by reciting the nerves of the human body in order. 182603886 Helene at 12 years old This is what my daughter looked like when I met her. 182603887 Me Can't believe this used to be me. 182603888 Christening day Cousin Odelia with her Godson Branden Anthony Troupe 182603889 186934181 186934182 186934183 186934184 186934185 186934186 186934187 186934188 186934189 186934190 186934191 186934192 186934193 191907159 191907160 191907161 191907162 191907163 191907164 191907165 191907166 191907167 191907168 191907169 191907170 191907171 191907172 191907173 191907174 191907175 191907176 191907177 191907178 191907179 191907180 191907181 191907182 191907183 191907184 191907185 191907186 191907187 191907188 Not very often do we stop to think of all the people and all the events that come together to create the person we are today. The photos of this album are just a few seconds, events, and people that converged to form that which is me. Magic is that which is formed by physics or chemistry, but is not fully explained by science, yet is influenced by faith or belief. It does not need be explained, only experienced. Its affect upon us is determined by our experiences. Not everything need be explained. Trust your experiences, possess them, they are the magic that formed the person you have become. 191907189