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Something to think about

Posted on August 15, 2014 at 10:00 PM

I am so tired of petty, petulant comments when someone asks a question or for advice.  Everyone comes upon an instant when they become flustered, and second-guess a decision often set upon in haste.

No question is Dumb, even if the answer seems obvious to everyone else. Sometimes questions are a way of verifying to ones self that, the self has come to the proper solution for the problem being addressed.

There is no need or benefit from statements directly intended to attack someone’s countenance.

I would rather have someone ask me the most mundane, obvious, everyone knows the answer to that question multiple times so that an UNDERSTANDING is possessed; than intimidate someone to NOT seek the required answer.

Please be kind to others asking questions, the reassurance sought, just might be information the questioner may use to help you in a time of need. 

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